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Welcome to ScriptHat! My name is Lee and I've been a developer since around 2009. A lot of my skills started with the typical LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) server buildout with a previous history of fairly deep dive Network Engineering mostly Cisco (BGP, OSPF, campus wide Vlans etc.).

I am a freelancer and currently I help people with a lot of custom development work in these realms. Typically these days I'm helping people with things like API's and payment systems along with custom CMS type work. I've done a lot of WordPress development as well including creating and publishing some plugins and themes (on Envato) which some are still available in my github.

I like to explore and learn new technologies and ways of doing things. Currently (eoy 2023) I am working on gaining a deeper understanding of crypto currency technologies like Ethereum, running validators and technologies like MEV and all that goes along with that. This page was started as a reference to work I do and have done but will also be a place I keep tutorials and helpful information for myself and to share with others, so it will hopefully be a useful site as well.

I am also a recently instrument rated pilot and own a small airplane ✈️ along with a fellow pilot so I will probably have some posts related to piloting as well since that is also one of my passions.

Have a look around and thanks for visiting!

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