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We now have an extension available for WP Contacts to allow you to integrate with Zapier.com. Zapier lets you integrate with over 750 popular applications (such as Gmail, Slack, MailChimp…many more).

In order to use WP Contacts with Zapier, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Our WP Contacts Zapier extension
  • Running version 3.0 or higher of WP Contacts
  • Activation Code – received from us upon purchase
  • A WordPress admin account username and password to work with Zapier
  • Your website url and the name of the WP Contacts database you’ll be using (typically Default)
  • An SSL Certificate for your site (Zapier requirement)…it can be self signed.
  • An Invitation to our application – Here it is!

Some notes about the above points:

If you would rather not put one of your WordPress passwords in Zapier, you can set up the plugin Application Passwords to create a specific password for applications tied to a username.  This keeps the password strictly used for applications (you cannot log into the admin with them).  Here’s where you can get the free plugin https://github.com/georgestephanis/application-passwords/

Zapier requires sites to use ssl (https) in order to communicate with them.  You can easily generate a self signed certificate for your Website and in your Zapier account under Settings (top right) -> Advanced Settings -> Monkey with advanced settings you can Disable SSL Certificate Checks.  Check with your webhost if you need assistance in creating an ssl certificate for your site.

Once you install our Zapier extension for WP Contacts on your WordPress installation, you’ll need to go into your WordPress admin menu -> WP Contacts -> Zapier Extension and enter your Activation Code to enable it for use and for updates.

When setting up a Zap, the requirements above for your WordPress url, WP Contacts database name, an Admin username and Password will be necessary to connect your account with zapier.  Here’s what that looks like on Zapier:

When entering your website url do not put the https:// part of the url, this is already accounted for.

For example your site is:

https://www.yourwebsite.com  you would put www.yourwebsite.com


Keep in mind if you change the name of a database in WP Contacts, you’ll need to update your Zapier zap Account settings to include the new Database name.

If you have trouble authenticating (getting 401 errors) and you are sure you have the correct admin credentials, check if your webhosting is using fastcgi, if so you may need to add the following entry to your .htaccess file directly under the RewriteEngine On entry

RewriteRule .* – [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}]

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