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Thank You for purchasing our Premium WordPress Plugin WP Contacts!

WP Contacts offers many great features to get you well on your way to managing your leads, contacts, or just about anything else you need to keep track of.  Many hours have gone into the creation of WP Contacts (and still do!) to make it as useful as possible to you.

This documentation will guide you through working with the plugin you have purchased.  This documentation is also a living document, so be sure and check the latest version https://www.scripthat.com/kbt/wp-contacts/ if you are viewing an offline page.  If you have trouble with something along the way, our support area is at scripthat.ticksy.com for the premium version.

If you are using our free “Slim” version from WordPress.org, please note that some features are only available in our premium version. All portions of that version are covered in our documentation as well and you can compare differences on our Feature Comparison Page. Support for this version will be on WordPress.org under our WP Contacts plugin listed there.

Once again, thank you very much and we hope you enjoy using WP Contacts!

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