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WP Contacts Translation using the included .pot file

The following information will show you how to translate the plugin into your language.

  1. Create a po file for your language, for example shwcp-de_DE.po
  2. Copy all text from provided plugin pot file (shwcp.pot) into your po file
  3. Edit the po file with poedit
  4. Create the mo file
  5. Name your translation files with WP Contacts text domain e.g. shwcp-de_DE.po and and save in the plugin lang directory.
  6. Edit wp-config.php file in your installation and set WPLANG so it matches your languages: define(‘WPLANG’, ‘de_DE’);
    or if WordPress version 4+ just select your language in Admin under Settings -> General -> Site Language.

Plugin should now display all messages in your language.


On a plugin update, language files are *NOT* preserved.
You will need to manually restore your po/mo files right after the update.
Also, Thank you in advance for sending us a copy of your translation files, we’ll add them into future updates!  This will help to keep you from having to maintain these files on plugin updates

If you do translate the plugin, please post your language files in our support system ( and we’ll add them to the next version!

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